Carte de visite portrait of Paora Rerepu, dressed in a Maori feather cloak with an adornment hanging from his right ear, taken by Samuel Carnell of Napier, 30 March 1884.

Paora Rerepu was a distinguished Mohaka chief in the early days of the Colony. He was decended from Kahungunu through Tuteihonga. He took a leading part in the defence of the East Coast against the invasion of the Hauhau, and in May 1866 he received the surrender of Te Waru and his party. His son Ropihana was one of the garrison of Te Huki pa when it was sacked by Te Kooti (Apr 1869). Paora and Ihaka Whanga were absent on an expedition and unable to help, but they arrived in time to relieve the twin pa Hiruharama.



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